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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Are women inferior?

Republicans oppose equal wage legislation so why do women  keep voting for Republicans? Is it because Republicans keep them as inferiors and they are not ready to feel equal? Or is it because if they earn the same as a man for the same job they don't feel feminine? 


The headline from The Indie Authors Daily caught my attention “Bestselling Author Marie Force Provides Her Path to Success”  I want to be a successful best selling author so I read the entire article as posted on I CAN BE.  I am sharing the link because Force said something that grabbed me: "I don’t spend too much time worrying about meeting the standards of people I don’t even know. I’m concerned primarily with pleasing myself as well as my readers. If others like the books, too, then that’s a bonus."

To read the article click here: http://icanbesociety.com/marieforce/

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Healing thought

A meditation that has the potential to heal.

Making Peace with the Past
If we have come to know how wrong thinking and action have hurt us and others,
then the need to quit living by ourselves with those tormenting ghosts of yesterday gets more urgent than ever.
We have to talk to somebody about them.
- Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p. 55
Thought to Ponder . . .
Fear not for the future; weep not for the past."


Friday, August 22, 2014

A FREE course on business ethics

I love freebies! Most sites are busting with buys and most of the stuff for sale is a modified repost. CANVAS, has great courses and most are free. The courser I am citing is: Business Ethics for the Real World,  Santa Clara University, online, "Self-paced, available Aug 18,  2014 Cost per enrollment: FreeEmployers and workers need to know what is ethical in the work place. Here is the full desecration of the course on business ethics: "This course is designed to provide an introduction to the subject of ethical behavior in business. The course provides an understanding of the nature of ethics, the role ethics plays in business, and the most commonly encountered ethical dilemmas in a business career. It provides practical advice on how to identify ethical dilemmas when they arise, how to get enough information to assess one’s responsibilities, how to analyze a complex ethical choice, and how to marshal one’s own resources and courage to act ethically. While the course includes some ethical theory, it is designed to be approachable by the seasoned manager, the novice businessperson, and students in business schools. No specific background or preparation is necessary.See also "Creating an Ethical Corporate Culture" now available on Canvas Network."

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

These interactive photos are amazing!

WWII and the same places today 70 years later.

On each picture, Left click, hold and drag your mouse gently from right to left and it will become the exact same location today. Reverse the motion to take it back to the original.   Scroll down to see the next photo.  Amazing to see the same buildings in pictures 70 years apart!

Copy the slink onto your browser.

Friday, August 15, 2014

A comment on "I don't give a funk."

This article is my comment on Sue Fitzmaurice's article "I don't give a funk" 
I can relate and have lived in or through at least 10 of the 13 things on your article and came up with the saying: Lions don't grow on pabulum©
There are many books on how life is hard because MOST humans have or had a hard life. Having feelings and depression is not a sissy or cowardly thing. Feelings are what all-living things experience, and they only stop (or might not) after death.
Depression can be emotional, clinical or both. Sometimes it's just about getting over a painful situation; other times it’s an ongoing hurt or condition. The important thing, I find, is not to judge myself by someone else’s appearance, words, advice or fixes, like they say in a program I go to: “don't compare your insides with other's outsides.”
 As most of those that get into the healing occupations, I became a counselor because I needed to fix myself, and it helped and I was effective in helping others because I could relate. One time I was suffering from extreme phobia, and nothing seemed to lift it until I found a phobia group and a phobia book, and from sharing it was lifted.

Groups are great for discovering and recovering. In most groups there are winners, those that are in recovery and help others. Psychologist, therapists, counselors and doctors can also be caring and compassionate. 
By M.M.A-W

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Does your God have a pp?

A friend called me; her husband has been near death for years and in the hospital for the second time in two weeks. After listening to her feelings, they are both seniors, I suggested she write a letter to God and tell God, in her own words, about her pain, fears, wants, wishes, etc. I have some understanding of her pain because my first husband, father of my children, died at 49 years young.
"I write letters to Mother/Father God," I said.
"God already knows my heart” she said and went on about all the things God is doing for her to cope. "Besides, I can't write right now, it's too hard."
"The most relief in writing is found when times are hard, and feelings are raw." I said and paused. When she didn’t answer "Try to write a letter to Mother/Father God."
"Why do you keep talking about a Mother/a Father God, I am a Christian?" she said.
"Because to me God does not have a dick or pussy,” I said casually.
"Please don't say that," she said upset.
"Don’t say what?" I asked surprised.
"Please don't say that word… I respect a God."
"What? Mother/Father God or dick and pussy?"
"I asked you not to say that, I offensive," she almost yelled.
"Ok, I am sorry, I'll say penis and vagina," I felt like laughing but didn’t.
"Talking about God like that is offensive to me!"
"How can penis and vagina be offensive? If God created humans and so created penises and vaginas."
"Don't use those words about God!" This time she was angry.
"You disagree that God created us or that created us with penis or vaginas?”
"I am a Christian don't use those bad words on God."
"If penis and vagina are bad words, when you imagine Christ, He has no pp?
That did it and she went on to tell me that I had no business talking to her about a God and sex and how she understands God to be, and I let it be and just listen, in respect for her feelings, after all I didn't mean to preach.
"I hope all goes well for you, keep me posted" I finally said. "I'll pray for you."
"Ok, thank you..." She said with hesitation.

I thought, but did not say, to a Mother/Father God.

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What do you think? I am in quandary about my blog. I think the name: hoyecomova.com might not be welcoming to some. I want to have an author's blog and not sure if I should create a new blog for my author's blog or not.

There are no Latinas on The View. Why? There are one White (were two) and two Blacks but no Latinas!!! What's  that about? Why not a Latina and an Asian to go with the White and Black? By not having Latinas The View is alienating a huge percentage of the population!